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Founded in 2007 by Hisato Takenouchi in Tokyo. From the beginning of its establishment nana-nana mainly focused on collaboration with well-known artists and brands to produce accessories. Since the re-start of its original label in 2017, nana-nana produced items with friends and designers from all over the world. The collection was inspired by the atmosphere of the night time office and our iconic paper size bags were born. Latest collaboration with NBA, BAPE, Paris Saint Germain, BODEGA, Hello Kitty, Mr Porter & more had amazing results, new Hoop bags are available in the main drop collection beside Recycled leather.

nana-nana is characterised as an industrial design focused on bags and mobile goods. Currently, it's based out of both Tokyo and Los Angeles.


Love. Tears. Laugh.

Surpassing Tarantino's world and Vincent Gallo's sense of melancholy, it goes beyond Sofia Coppola aesthetic sense. Like a certain character, an adorable item has been created. As a Keyholder, as a fashion, as a Sex Toy.

Please enjoy using with Joy.


A group of creators who freely and variably decompose the resolution of things and build a new world without being bound by common sense.


BERHASM Berhasm is a cult fashion collective based in Tbilisi, Georgia. It appeared as a community of artistic individuals, creating a small line of T-shirts and hoodies.

Over the past years, Berhasm has developed into a full contemporary line for men, women and everyone else. From items with thoughtful prints to 3d artworks and installations, the brand is able to use creativity of different artists and make their voice heard.

At its core, Berhasm is about freedom – the freedom to explore your identity, to pursue your passions, and to bring a piece of your own uniqueness into the world. Working with numerous European artists, photographers, parties, influencers and charities, Berhasm creates its own unique aesthetic and also opens up the possibility to speak loudly about things that really matter.

Realizing its responsibility not only to society, but also to the planet, Berhasm is committed to reduce its impact on the environment. The brand uses sustainable materials and processes in clothing manufacturing, as well as makes partnerships only with ethical suppliers.

When creating collections, Berhasm team carefully selects all materials and production suppliers. Each of them has the relevant certificates, such as Global Organic Textile Standard and Global Recycled Standard, which ensures that each product is made in accordance with ethical and environmentally friendly standards.

Berhasm also takes part in expanding the capabilities of local communities, collaborating with local production facilities. This step not only positively affects the development of local manufactures, but also helps to reduce the carbon footprint due to the reduction of the logistics chain. Moreover, using quality and durable materials, Berhasm creates clothing with a longer service life, which will serve for many years. By doing all this, the brand creates its own atmosphere that is beneficial to everyone involved.

This text is a reminder that we all are connected by our shared humanity and should feel free to express ourselves and our unique identities
in any positive way we choose.

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nana-nana. Rike. Afterbird. Founder of OPENTOYS Private label by Hisato Takenouchi.

Current trends to preserve for the future (Present)

Masterpieces from the past to inherit (Past), Essential emotions to imagine the future (Future).

To not be swayed by rumours or lies,

Through the universally known icon called "Folder".

Share, resonate, and create new values with friends around the world. 


MARIOS is an independent brand established in 2001 out of an idea of Greek Cypriot Mayo Loizou and Polish Leszek Chmielewski. 
For MARIOS fashion is the result of the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Its garments are contemporary, often transformable and multifunctional, and for everyday use. Approach to design is simple and rational, demonstrating a conceptual idea of fashion intended for conscious consumers who use clothing as a form of narration of their personalities.

Multiculturalism, experimentation as an intellectual and practical approach to design and attention to the phenomena generated by counterculture make MARIOS a manifesto of aesthetic signs brought from the street and of the most interesting artistic currents. Collaborating w extremely contemporary artists and brands has been a fundamental part of MARIOS‘ identity since its inception; and each collection includes a capsule generated together with a contemporary artist.

MARIOS collections randomly associate suggestions from fashion, art and photography. With streetwear backgrounds and no trends, the collections are timeless, unisex and ageless.

MARIOS | A brand for contemporaries and modernettes.


At PLUSQUEMAVIE are passionate about creating innovative and versatile designs that cater to the needs of the modern individual.

Their clothing is not just a fashion statement, it's a reflection of the wearer's innermost being. Celebrating the fusion of different worlds, from the high-energy vibes of clubbing to the rugged and adventurous spirit of hiking. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials to ensure the perfect balance of style and function. Join the PLUSQUEMAVIE community and be a part of a fashion revolution that celebrates authenticity, individuality, and freedom.

Much like working behind the scenes the designer "Don't care" from Osaka, have collaborate with many well- known Brands.

His forte lies in being able to create a wide range of designs and mood of an era that is difficult to express in words though graphic designs. It's unisex - no specific target age or message. Not just a T- shirt brand, each piece reflect the current moment. 

Zero Point Field

This Brand is a story featuring Designer beloved dogs. Benjamin the Boston Terrier and Mr. BB the Pug who spent 17 years together.
Impressed by the concept of the zero-point field discussed in the world of quantum mechanics.

Zero Point Field express that mysterious and magnificent world view through abstract art.
What is this world? What is Existence? What is living and dying?

The concept of a zero- point field is a special keyword that has helped the designer rethink unsolvable problems and rescue from deep pain after loosing his beloved dog.

He started this brand hoping to be an opportunity for everyone to better know this world.

Hand- painted using analog techniques. Characters that pop out when you point the camera with AR technology.. expressing this mysterious world in various techniques.

Enjoy the journey of Benjamin and Mr. BB.

Gauhar Ali

Gauhar Ali, is a brand which is an embodiment of bold colors and the silhouettes are a fusion of avantgarde and western chic inspired by vintage patterns that develops a fathomless connect. It is a statement of emotions, moods and trends which creates an artistic yet trendy impact. The cosmic visual depiction of high street fashion and active wear makes Gauhar Ali the most premium style statement. Adorning the ensemble of class enables one to be a symbol of urbanity and a reflection of aptly crafted hues that adds distinct definition to the individual’s persona.



一个球体 才华横溢的思想家和新兴设计师活跃于循环思维升级改造亲地球和重塑系列。



Abstract 向时尚界引入了一种系统方法,使品牌能够持续发展。









我们是新一代的一部分,正在经历革命时刻。我们相信当今最酷的身份 有不止一个。








我们的优势。 03










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