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They say «two can keep a secret if one of them is dead» but they have forgotten that walls have ears too just like objects around us.

Gossip Company was launched or better to say “spotted” by N & B who have overheard too many stories while they went to NYU and now are excited about some tea to be spilled.

Since then they have travelled the world from Buenos Aires to London, and from Dubai to Sydney^ to Moscow.

N & B, both fashion veterans and now specialising in product development and design, have gathered insiders and partners in crime from all over the world who share not only the hottest gossips but also their best product recipes.

We will be nice sweetheats as long as you put in order your affairs or we will beat you at your own game. Stay tuned, boys and girls and everyone in-between.


Candles are cocoanut wax based and use pure cotton wicks.

Hand-pour candles, using highly concentrated organic oils and recycled materials for the candle containers that can be reused themselves.


A great thing Gossip company is doing is partnering with local labs and production facilities in several regions on the globe to:

1) minimise the waste and greenhouse gas emissions
2) support employment in local communities.


Gossip Company’s cult collection is inspired by and made for emotions.

We wanted to give special attitude to each product that would fit well the targeted audience depending on their mood and life situations they are in. We realised that the main brand promise had to be: To become a brand that brings the positive vibes and makes you smile while using the products.

All candles come with a personalised Spotify playlist link to enjoy the candles hours in full.




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