Born in Seattle, based in Los Angeles and distributed around the world, THE inc. has made a name in contemporary menswear by presenting rebellious yet sophisticated silhouettes.

Each collection drags classic cultural constructs through a process of distortion and re-construction, creating product that is half street, half art and half Fashion.

Built for the young person who wants to stand out and stand for something, THE INC. represents a new perspective on style.

THE INCORPORATED is a high concept fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California.  Created by designer Mark McGinnis. THE inc. takes inspiration from music, art, sports, politics, history, fashion and culture, combining them into rebellious silhouettes and aspirational graphics.

They tell stories with their collections, hoping to inspire as much as they hope to make everyone who wears a piece look and feel amazing. With the unique fits, fabrics and prints THE inc. continually brought something new and unique to the world's fashion scene.  

Over the last 5 years they have worked with some of the best stores in the world and with biggest influencers, spreading Mark's design language across the world.  

If anything is to be learned from the history of The Incorporated, it is that they want to show you all how you look like beautiful stars, tonight.. and always!

History of THE INCORPORATED by Mark Mc Ginnis



“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” 


Mark, The Inc.


Arrives on our online store and in retailers on February 26th 2020. This collection  looks at the beauty and the mess inside the many unique families in the United  States. My grandma had a little piece of art that read BLESS THIS MESS in the  kitchen and thinking back, I realize now that there was the mess of the dishes and  the laundry, but all the bigger, less obvious messes that families go through over  the years. So that’s what it’s about.“RE-AMERICANA” is the process of taking  classic “American” tropes, characters, messaging, heroes and information and  revising it to account for the actual experience of growing up and living in the  United States. 

Definition is a work in progress.


We shot the lookbook in the studio while we were working and had some friends  over. Go listen to the song of the same name by Crosby, Stills and Nash to  understand the concept...
For our FW19 Runway Show, we again invited all our friends, family and clients  into the studio. These runway shows are a ton of work and I can only say thank  you a thousand times for everyone supporting and helping out.


The tag line for our hotel was “Come drown with us.” Our HQ is in the American  Cement Building so that’s where it originated. Yatta, yatta, yatta.


Was originally called BLONDE VS. BLONDE but on the day before we started  sampling, I had a long talk with @brendanfowand decided to change the name. I  came up with The Patron Saint of Lost Causes which is my confirmation Saint (St. Thaddeus Jude). This was one of our first completely cut and sew collections.  Was also the first time we tried doing a runway presentation. We recruited a  bunch of our friends and just did it through our studio with our bedrooms as the  fitting rooms.


I had just moved to LA and was hanging at Cali’s studio and got this weird idea  for a lookbook, so I asked him to model and Jerald to shoot it. Seriously two of  my favorite artists, I felt suuuuper lucky. The idea was for Cali to wear the entire  collection, then take it off one by one. It was a smashing  

success, @lucaschemotti came by and shot a video.


Our FW17 collection. It was looking at the idea of “sampling” and the abundant  “biting” that was happening at the time in the culture at large. This was our last  collection that we made before moving to Los Angeles, so it was a special one.


Was based on a book by Herman Wouk (which I never read, but there’s a musical  version by Jimmy Buffett that I love). The collection was about my road trip to  California, a road trip I took to continue “the carnival” as I called it. The road trip  to save The Incorporated, to keep this crazy dream going. As always, we shot with  a bunch of friends. We were still up in Seattle at the time. Still some of my favorite  stuff we have done.


In early 2016, we officially released our first collection. I took the inspiration from  one of my Sociology classes. We read this paper by Horace Miner and it kind of  blew my mind. I wanted to explore the US from a different perspective. I took  classic ideas like AMERICANA, AMERICAN ART and the AMERICAN JUSTICE  SYSTEM and expressed my thoughts about them through the pieces in the  collection.


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