BERHASM is an Eastern European fashion, arts and music collective from Tbilisi, Georgia. It was launched by Beso Turazashvili as a digital brand where street market fashion meets the techno culture at PFW in 2018. BERHASM is a place where fashion, modern underground art and music meet together since none of them can exist without another. Collaboration with different artists, music labels, photographers, ifluencers and DJs is an important part of the brand. 

Berhasm was named as a 'cult fashion collective' by Dazed for its work in raising different cultural, political and social issues and expressing it all through collections and campaigns.


THE INCORPORATED is a high concept fashion brand based in Los Angeles, California.  Created by designer Mark McGinnis.
THE inc. takes inspiration from music, art, sports, politics, history, fashion and culture, combining them into rebellious silhouettes and aspirational graphics.

They tell stories with their collections, hoping to inspire as much as they hope to make everyone who wears a piece look and feel amazing.  With the unique fits, fabrics, colors and prints. The Incorporated has continually brought something new and unique to the world's fashion scene.  Over the last 5 years they have worked with some of the best stores in the world and worked with some of its biggest influencers, spreading Mark's design language across the world.  

 If anything is to be learned from the history of The Incorporated, it is that they want to show you all how you look like beautiful stars, tonight, and always.


Just created in 2020, Simplifier is a new Label based in Paris. After working for many brands, Christophe Nguyen wants to create a brand that reflects more his personal style and his tastes. 

 SIMPLIFIER is a French verb that means to make less complex or complicated, therefore easier to do or to understand. Mission is to offer a wardrobe of timeless pieces focus on quality and modern fits. The essential are produced in limited editions.
SIMPLIFIER believe in "less is more" and "quality not quantity". Genderless and Seasonless.

Join the movement!


MARIOS was founded in 2001 in Japan by Mayo Loizou and Leszek Chmielewski and moved to Milan in 2010. Design, Arty, Conceptual and Gender-fluid, the Brand is one of the most representative of the Milanese underground scene.  Always characterised by the Designers' strong vision about Fashion, MARIOS is also recognised for the special capsules in collaborationswith international Artist which are the Brand's DNA

The news about the Brand in 2021 are the launch of the "see now buy now" collections with bi-monthly drops, the online store and the FUTURMARIOS space, based in FUTURDOME Milano. 


This season, ALPHASTYLE designer Ivan Chan has been working remotely in his Hong Kong home for his latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection.  He has taken great inspiration from the surrounding natural environmentaround Hong Kong. 

The brand continues to blend tailoring and sportswear seamlessly, keeps things casually luxe. Simultaneously delivering a fresh assortment of patched layering pieces and wearable essentials, the latter partially issued under its AlphaStyle new Label Appliqué.


BARROW is one of the greatest expressions of Made in Italy luxury brand dedicated to digital natives that celebrates young people's desire for authenticity.

Barrow is individuality and sense of belonging, to express oneself and be part of a free and creative community.

Celebrities, influencers and music artists, from trap to rap. There are many international talents who wear Barrow clothing, such as:
Sfera Ebbasta, Miley Cirus, Lil Nas X, J Balvin, Blueface, Clara Berry, Khalid, Winnie Harlow, Swae Lee. Offers quality garments designed down to the smallest detail, from the choice of fabrics to the creation of prints, from contemporary cuts to irreverent graphics, from experimental treatments up to finishing techniques. 




Founded in 2007 by Hisato Takenouchi in Tokyo.From the beginning of its establishment nana-nana mainly focused on collaboration with well-known artists and brands to produce accessories. Since the re-start of its original label in 2017, nana-nana produced items with friends and designers from all over the world. The collection was inspired by the atmosphere of the night time office and our iconic paper size bags were born. Latest collaboration with NBA had amazing results, new Hoop bags are available in the main drop collection and dope collaborations will keep surprising. 

nana-nana is characterised as an industrial design focused on bags and mobile goods. Currently, it's based out of both Tokyo and Los Angeles.


Paris based O B E R K A M P F reflects the dark undertones of the city made up of a seductive selection of calfskin accessories.

Unexpected sex appeal is prevalent in the covetable collection taking inspiration from the erotic Paris- based thriller Frantic capturing the cityscape more paranoid than picturesque. Breaking down the codes between formal and fetish are adjustable chokers and cuffs with big o-ring detail and lacing in the back in structured leather.

The rectangular box bag is given laissez-faire functions full of magnetic clasps, array of detachable shoulder straps in different sizes. Pieces hold a distinct female strength amongst a subtle masculine aesthetic.



Handmade accessories for the today Persona.

The focus is set on volumes and materials aside from the binary norms, creating strong genderfluid pieces.

Roughness and elegance are naturally mixed together alike the har- dware and hardstones, mainly stainless and fresh water pearls.
Sourcing materials from dead stocks and left-overs is a mission in the design process.

Due to the nature of each piece, every creation may differ from the others to enhance its limited edition and avoid mass production.

Hand made in Italy.


The latest collection has 90s and underground reminescences: the chains are born with a choker wearability and the componable desi- gn allow also to use them as long necklaces or decorative belts.

Earrings (single that become pair) and cuffs (finger ring or ear rings) are inspired by the same principle.

Stainless steel hardware is combined with mixed wires of black onyx, recovered glass beads and freshwater pearls in natural fini- shing or enameled with pattern inspired by the feline iris.


Handmade, dense and textural; unisex jewellery designs featuring bold, unique & authentic shapes that hug gemstones chosen for their unique natural properties and beauty. Custom Engagement rings made to order. Using wax, high quality metals; semi-precious & precious stones VALE LALTRA creates all her pieces from locally sourced materials and is close to a zero-waste process in her studio through re-using offcuts & shavings for new pieces.Her mission is to empower you to be an everyday goddess.Created by Valentina in Sydney 2019, her pieces are crafted with strength & longevity in mind to ensure a deep relationship between you and your jewellery.


A daring way to be Beautiful.
A visual manifesto of confidence, ELLEN CONDE speaks the aesthetic language of prêt-à-porter and design.Dreaming up iconic statements to accompany the modern lifestyle of strong, feminine souls, the brand lives punctuated by sophisticated, contradictory accents.With bold inventiveness fueling the essence of every piece, Ellen Conde jewelry embodies a standout style and an emotional experience powerful enough to transform your heart, look and spirit. Ellen Conde. Dedicated to every kind of Woman. 



RIGENERA rises from Valentina Tecchio' s experience: being for 10 years in the world of dermo- pigmentation and aesthetics, she has been able to create a synergy between the two disciplines contributing to bring out realistic and practical results against skin imperfections.

Wrinkles, acne, scars, sunspots, stretch marks, post-surgery scars, cellulite, reduction of enlarged pores, skin firmness can be treated thanks to beauty  salon and home treatments combined together with needling and RIGENERA cosmetics. Our skin is the largest organ in our body but we often forget it: we over expose it to the sun damage, we do not hydrate it and we do not nourish it with the necessary vitamins to keep it firm and compact.

Our skin is an excretory organ not suitable for penetration and the only way to make active agents penetrate into it is to create micro holes that breaking the epidermic barrier allow the working substance to achieve the deepest dermal layers. By creating micro holes a regenerative collagene process starts so that collagene evolves from type 6 to type 1 and fibroblasts are activated.

Thanks to RIGENERA treatments you will enjoy both the benefits of natural cosmetics - silicones, parabens, mineral oils free - studied and created laboratories, through the weekly use of dermorollers which is a real facial treatment.

You will choose to see your skin improved every day with RIGENERA.



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