“WORLDISMINE” is a new brand that casts doubt on a world preoccupied with science. Drawing inspiration from myths, supernatural phenomena, the occult, rituals, shamanism, extraterrestrial intelligence, UFOs and other mystical powers, they express by using multi medium mainly focusing on clothes.

Where its from, and the person behind the brand is not revealed.



Being born to the earth, held and cuddled by the universe.
Myths, supernatural phenomena, the occult, rituals, shamanism, extraterrestrial intelligence, and UFOs.
Is there a scientific evidence?
Can you explain logically?
Questions fill the air.
As if people are comparing the answers to find out the reason of their existence.
We believe, in mystical things, and discover endless possibilities.
There, you find your own world.


The World, is mine.

The first collection features three artists active in various genres such as fashion, music, and art, who resonate with the brand concept.

-Zane Reynoldstle

-Zane Reynolds is an artist, musician and philosopher who releases music under SFV ACID.
His work is diverse including designing for The SAMPS a real cult legends of the West Coast, NITE JEWEL as well as Hedi Slimane of SAINT LAURENT at the time.

Zane Reynolds' designs combine a relatable and fantastical worldview with everyday existence. The main inspiration besides his surroundings, was Rudolf Steiner, Austrian philosopher and creator of Anthroposophy and Eurythmy.

-Chloé Maratta

-Chloé Maratta was born in Washington in 1991 and lives and works in Los Angeles. Maratta’s practice spans across the mediums of image making, jewelry, and sound. She played in the music project Odwalla1221 with artist Flannery Silva from 2013- 2019. Recent shows include a group show at the Swiss Institute, New York and a two person show at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham UK, with artist Joanne Robertson.

Chloé Maratta incorporated her love of collage, a collection of ideas and texts. By reimagining her past graphic, and revisiting her middle school magazine memory, she encourages herself and others to take care of yourself and to take things slow.

-Nick Mez

-Nick Mez is working at the convergence of graphic design and fashion.
A firing synapse inside the multi-minded label ‘Pelvis’ and one foot of the bipedal ‘Worldwind Worldwide’,
his work reimagines and recontextualizes 90’s graphic typefaces, graffiti and old school rave flyerisms.

In Nick Mez's designs, he represents the idea of the beautiful world being something that is cherished. Sending a message that although the world is ‘mine’ it is also yours, a place that can be enjoyed together.
Viewers are welcome to freely interpret and feel their world, to make them yours.