Founded in 2007 by Hisato Takenouchi in Tokyo, nana-nana set out to create products for daily use with an artistic approach. Since its establishment, nana-nana has collaborated with well-known artists and brands to produce accessories. Through careful material selection and a balance of texture and color, nana-nana products are familiar but bring a new essence of design to everyday items.

In 2017, nana-nana welcomed a designer, Takanohiro Okude and launched a private label. He infused inspirations from music, art, and design to establish a collection, NIGHT OFFICE. The collection was inspired by the atmosphere of the night time office and our iconic paper size bags were born. We continue to draw inspiration from our Tokyo and Los Angeles offices with aim to create industrial and simplistic designs in the familiar context of lifestyle products.

2007年に竹之内久人(Hisato Takenouchi)により東京にて設立され、世界各国の様々なブランド、アーティストとのコラボレーションを中心に活動してきたブランドnana-nana(ナナナナ)。2017年より奥出貴ノ洋(Takanohiro Okude)をデザイナーに迎え入れ自身のオリジナルレーベルをリスタート。バッグやモバイルグッズを中心とした、インダストリアルなデザインが特徴的。

ペーパーサイズバッグなど『NIGHT OFFICE』をテーマにしたコレクションが人気を博している。音楽、アートなど、自分達が良いと感じられたインスピレーションのみをデザインに取り入れ、ファッションを通じて発信し続けている。


Branching out beyond the fashion realm, nana-nana founder Hisato Takenouchi has opened an onigiri restaurant in Los Angeles. RIKE looks to push people to experience the real taste of rice through the traditional Japanese rice ball dish. Located in the downtown area of the city, “RIKE” is a portmanteau of “RICE” and “LIKE” which perfectly expresses the concept of the restaurant.

The interior design and audio styling of the restaurant was handled by the artistic director of GR8, KIRI, while the playful RIKE logo is said to have been designed by Japanese streetwear icon SK8THING. Art displayed on the walls come courtesy of Cali Thornhill Dewitt and Seiji Nagai, founder of iconic Harajuku vintage store DEPT. The artful experience is continued on the tableware from X RATED TABLEWEAR which features prints from French artist So ME.

Don't miss it out when in LA
RIKE 228 East 1st STREET
Los Angeles, CA 90012


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