KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE arises from the idea of questioning the future through a social criticism. 

It’s philisophy and lifestyle are focused on leaving the present, aiming to create a revolutionary
movement with a new vision of the future.
Most future projections about our society do not foresee any evolution for humanity and our planet, but a backward evolution. We are all tainted.
The kids want to differentiate themselves from the indifferent masses.
The brand has a special interest in the aesthetics and the artistic vision of street subcultures present at the end of XX century.
KIDSOFBROKENFUTURE uses 100% sustainable fabrics, and is investing in forest plantation to compensate the CO2 emissions of our company.
Part of the benefits of the company are given to two charities (in Brasil & Nigeria) to help the kids to have a better a future.



Fall - Winter '19 COLLECTION.

Nirvana Kamala

A young Kurdish artist, more precisely she comes from Iraqi Kurdistan. Nirvana uses to mix collages of classical artworks and contemporary images to give a new meaning to the art piece. After our collaboration Forbes noticed Nirvana's work and dedicated an article to her work.

Spring - Summer '20 collection.

Rediet Longo, aka Red

Red was born in Etiopia and has been adopted by an Italian family when he was 6, growing up in Milan and finishing his artistic studies at "Accademia di Brera". They chose each other because both try to describe our society with an irriverent and contemporary language.

Fall - Winter '20 COLLECTION.


London born, LA based photographer who has been documenting LA street culture since 1991. Over 2 decades Yager has re-ported on street culture of LA latin gangs for the New York Times, Esquire, Interview & Vogue.

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Luisa Via Roma, Antonioli, Four by Azzurro, Innersect, Wild Style & more.
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